Air Jordan 6 (VI)

Air Jordan 6 (VI)

Air Jordan 6 (VI)

The Air Jordan 6 was released in late 1990/early 1991. In the 90-91 season Michael added the only thing missing in his awards and titles received in the NBA. The Bulls finally won the NBA Championships beating the LA Laker’s in the final. After having lost the first game they won four straight games and were without a doubt the strongest team in the NBA in a long time.

Rubber toungie
What is there to say else than Hatfield created another classic. This time with a rubber tounge featuring two holes which the bearer could use to easily get the kicks on. He kept the idea with clear rubber soles and lace locks from the Air Jordan 5 (V)s but apart from that this felt like a brand new AJ design.

The pattern on the shoe was interesting. If you looked at it in different angels and with a little bit of imagination you could see the number 23. The figure 2 standing up on the back of the shoe and the figure 3 lying down facing the ground close to the laces (soon there will be a picture illustrating this).

Retro or a butchered classic?
Right before the retro release of the black/black-infra-red, pictures were published on webpages where it showed that they had reversed the midsole colors so that the red was now black and vice versa. This upset a whole lot of collectors and the word butchered was what would define this way of “destroying” a classic.

The final version turned out to be just as the original and the few people that were lucky enough to get the “butchered” sample version can probably make a buck or two…


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